Want something that's great? Try Unity, Ubuntu 12.04's new Desktop.

Greatness comes at the price of having to deal with being attacked by creatures of habit.

Creatures of habit will usually tell you that what they have now feels much better, but they usually will be unable to explain why. Later, they will gradually get used to, quietly adapt to and then violently defend the new once it itself has become out of date again.

On the other hand, a great thinker will derive general principles from a variety of situations and try to apply them and see if they fit. For Unity, the principle is simple: Hierarchy sucks. The result is search rather than rigid order, typing rather than thumbing through categories.

While a creature of habit will cling to what it's used to at all cost, a thinker will adapt to new circumstances and won't consider that a radical thing to do. Gnome 2's dual menu bars worked fine on on an older 3:4 monitor, but they are a liability on widescreen. And endless configurability is also an endless waste of time.

Of course a stable platform to work on is still a boon to productivity, and that's why it's wise to do one's most important work in an environment that's become so mature it doesn't change any more at all. That's why, if you know a little bit of tech, and you don't like Unity, you should not switch to Gnome 3. You should switch to Bash.