Various niche writings that are useful in a small set of circumstances. These are mainly here to be googled.


Replacing commercial services

Power-using linux

Linux with a command line is incredibly powerful to avoid using your precious cognitive abilities to navigate around folders and find the right button for the right program. It's also a pain in the nose to set up right. These articles help.


This section contains various Tips & Trick he has discovered over the years.

Systems programming

After years as web developer, a.k.a. "scripter", finally, my foray into systems programming. Aw, finally I can be close to the hardware when I need to be!

Symfony 1.4

Symfony 1.4 may be considered legacy, but yet it is a pretty good system and very expandable and usable. Also, it was frequently used to create large web applications that may still require years of maintenance. This documents various efforts to keep it usable and fresh.


Frontend Hell. It has gotten much better over time.




These are various tips to get various things to run, mostly desktop linux and messing with the Raspberry Pi.

Music on Linux

Linux is the platform of choice for music, if you can do a little tech. Here are tips.


Carlo Capocasa uses the SuperCollider music server and music programming language to get things done that sound.

Music Marketing


Carlo has not released any of his own music yet because he is so focused on music programming in his spare time. This section is here regardless, for motivation.

Hey! Carlo! This section is empty! Move faster!!!

Just For Fun